Dietitian: Focus on Medical Conditions, Hepatology: Laura
Organic Farmer:Producer, Sales & Management: Enos Farms
Nutritionist: Day in the life of a Nutritionist: Holly, Melbourne
Nutritionist & Psychiatric Researcher: Food for Mental Health
Bartender: Waiter to Head Bartender: Travelling: Jamie K
Food Scientists: Nestle Purina Interns and Trainees: Various Roles
Dietitian: Sports Dietetics: NFL Athletes, Texas University: Jonathan T
Dietitian: Sports & Nutrition: Department of Veterans: Washington
Product Design: MarinaTex: Fish Waste Bioplastic: Lucy H
Product Design: Eat Easy, Plate Defender: Dyson Award
Royal Air Force Caterer: Work & Opportunities: Jess
Chef, Spirit Group: Restaurant Operation, Cooking, Safety: Jason
Food Science: Product Development Technologists Courses: Abertay
Warehouse Supervisor: Environmetalist & Recycling: Dorset Cereals: Andy
Media & PR Coordinator: Food For Life: Soil Association: Rikke B
Product Innovation Engineers: Product Reformulation: McCain Foods: Bill
Food & Drink Federation: Various Food Careers
Press Office Manager: Profile & Campaigns: Soil Association: Clio T
Product Engineer: Sustainable Fish Net: Dan W: Dyson Award
Manager: Head of Sustainability: Jessica: Innocent Drinks
Farming: Lobbs Farm & Shop: Business Diversification
Baker Vegan: Cinnaholic Bakery: Shannon & Florian: California
Food Foraging and Cooking: Wild Food: Caroline @ Fat Hen
Chef: Sous Chef: Michelin Star Restaurant: Los Angeles: Joseph J
Distiller: Harris (Gin) Distillery: KennyM: Scotland
Chef and Trainer: Career Journey: Gemma @Fifteen Cornwall:
Food Stylist: Day in the Life: Career Journey: Kim: San Francisco
Food Engineering: Work Placement & Work Skills: Cargill
Food Science: Quality Assurance Manager: Graeter Desserts
Chef Apprenticeships: Marco-Pierre White Apprentice
Sommelier: Focus on Wine: What it Takes to be a Sommelier
Science: Ichthyologist, Fish Biologist: Coral Reefs: Moises B
Food Engineering: Premier Foods, Mr Kipling Snack Pack Line: Chris D
Various Roles:: Marketing, Strategy, Finance: Sky Graduates
Food Photographer: Day in the Life of: Tracy C
Nutritionist (Senior): Encouraging Healthy Eating: Nicola E: Career Journey
Paediatric Dietitian: Supporting Children’s Growth: Julie S
Supervisor Café: Co-op Tweedmouth: Kerry H: Career Journey
Coffee Production & Sales: How to Be a Coffee Roaster: RC Beall
Cheesemaker: Supervision, Training & Day in the lIfe of a Cheesemaker
Concept Development Chef: Gibsons Foods: Paul : Career Journey
Food Science PhD Students: Life on the Course: Amy & Maya
Food Engineering Processes: Arla, Kit-Kat, Mars, Oreo, Nestle
Food Engineering Graduate: New Products, Launches, Career: Mondelez
Chef: Discipline, Passion, Palate: Marco Pierre White
Careers in Food & Drink: Purchasing, Technical, Sales
Baker: Day in the Life of a Baker & Career Journey: Siebe K
Product Engieer: Air Chair: Design Award James Dyson 2018: Amer & Ali
Design Engineer: Day of a Design Engineer: Mark: Heap & Partners
Technologist: Sustainable Energy Technologist: Azfer
Alex, Day in the Life of Creative Director
Beer Brewing: Career Journey to Becoming a Beer Brewer: Simon
Product Design: Bump Mark: Bioreactive Expiry Label for Food
Rik O, Voronoi Runners: Biodegradable Sneakers
Cook: Hotels, Ships, Trains, Restaurants: Day in Life of: Micahel
Managing Partner: Sheep Poo Paper: Lawrence Toms
Environmental Education Centre: Plan It Earth: Rachel SK
Design Engineers: Vitamin C Deficiency App: Dyson Award
Culinary Nutrition Specialist: Cleveland Indians: Miguel